Tennis – 1985 DBook

Top row: Coach Draayer, Crystal Bell, Robin Maryon, Michelle Bateman, Kim Daniels, Marianne Alder, Jeana White. 2nd row: Geri Baxter, Tanya Browning, Michelle Moffit, Valerie Valentine, Sherri Jacobs, Jennifer Harris. Bottom row: Kristin Johnson, Annette Reid, Trudy Egbert, Vicki Hyllested, Niki Sala

First from one side, a small, yellow, sphericalal object flies, only to be hit by sturdy mesh back on its course to the previous side. It was an intriguing sport in chichi some Davis girls participated.

Crystal Bell sends the ball back across the court in the State finals.

There were no try-outs for the girl’s tennis team. It was a challenging sport that required team effort and lots of practice. “We supported each other, which helped a lot,” said Tina McClure.

Tennis is the only game of love where girls can get aggressive.

Coach Draayer
Robin Maryon plays doubles at the State finals held in Liberty Park.

And after all the hours of practice and many meets, the team members ended up with more than awards and places; they made many new friends, and had fun while they were doing it.

Michelle Bateman runs to meet the ball.
Goofing off at Liberty park, Geri Baxter, Marianne Alder, Robin Maryon and Nicki Sala build a pyramid for the photographer.

April Turneau (copy) and Crystal Bell (layout)

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