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Soccer East @ Davis 1986

Here are the highlights of the East vs. Davis soccer game in the Spring of 1986.

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For Every Bit of It – 1985 DBook

Chris Card takes a well-deserved break.
An intense spectator, Becky Morgan, watches in the stands.
Early morning practices for band seem to get on Sean Young’s nerves.
Rody Meacham psyches himself up before a game.
Parade excitement affects Pam Woolley, Amy Graham, and Collette Stonebraker on the 4th of July.
Pro-Schola presents a skit at the Hello Assembly.

Attention all Davis High School students! For all of those people who ever performed on an instrument, participated in a sport, wrote an article, drew art, organized an event, played a part in a production, or cheered at a game, this book was dedicated to you.

Every once in a while there appeared students who wondered if their worth was significant. If they were not in the spotlight, they were not sure that they were important.

However, if a contribution in form was made that bettered the school and student body, it was valuable.

84-85 was a successful year in many ways. The abundant wine, trophies, and merits were very enjoyable. Yet, the near finishes, close defeats, and even total losses were also credited. It was through these experiences that wisdom and understanding were gained.

If you were one of those people involved in school and with friends, and feel it was wroth every effort, hats are off to you.

David Long (copy) & Robin Maryon (layout)

DHS86 DHS87 DHS88 Sports

Soccer Bountiful @ Davis 1986

Here are the highlights of the Bountiful @ Davis soccer game played in the Spring of 1986.