Flashbacks – Keep the Memories Alive

by Janis Hill & Lisa Davis

From the 1986 D-Book

Look back on the year with all the fun times and experiences we had together. We had our ups and downs, fun times and sad times, wins and defeats. Think back on these times.

Do you remember the time at the Alumni Assembly when the “Wrong Side of the Tracks” (David Kinard, Troy Butterfield, Eugene Kwon, Matt Hansen and Jubal Frost) performed bringing the student-body into the feeling and excitement of homecoming? Or how about the time when Mr. Stevens became a Yank and his British socks were hung in the showcase? Do you remember all the fake fire drills to cheer on the football team to state?

Or the time when the boys had to shave the girls legs blindfolded and the Seniors won? How about when Craig Nybo won Mr. Hula during Hawaiian week? Do you remember the time they renounced the winners (Queen) of the Air Concert by popular demand? Or how about the time Dr. Hunt announced the explosion of the space shuttle and the shock it gave to everyone? How about the time the Physics department went through 3 teachers?

Do you remember the Christmas Assembly when Chris Watkins played David Letterman? How about the dance in January that you had to wear summer attire and you thought you’d freeze to death? How about the time Miss Crittenden was announced as a new teacher and all the boys went crazy? How about the week Coach Shaw wore one of his 17 Mickey Mouse shirts each day?

Or the time you were leaving for OJT and Health Occupations and the detention lady grabbed you? Or the time you wanted a candy bar after the tardy bell and Stapley would not let you?

How could you forget all the times Davis succeeded? Like the time the basketball team went into its 2nd overtime and we won by 1 point Or like the time the golf team took 1st place in Region (which was the 1st time in about 37 years)? Or like the time Kurt Black took 1st place int he State Cross-country meet? How about the time the Marching Band placed 2nd at Davis Cup? Can you remember all the organizations that excelled by improving or by doing more than ever before? Like the time FBLA took 1st place in region competition? Or like DECA changed the whole bookstore around to prevent stealing? How about the time debate went to Arizona and took 4th place in competition with 47 other schools?

We had some great times and some bad times, but through all these we kept our school spirit and pride by achieving success. Renewing these memories is like a string around a finger that will keep the memories alive. Never let the year 1985-86 end.

School Spirit

1986 D-Book page 44

School Spirit: David Aamondt, Mike Reid, Seletha Shunn, Gary Green, John Stoddard, Terry Scadlock, Cynthia Moon, Jodi Fox, Lisa King, T.J. Schofield, Rodney Webb, Shane Erickson, Heather Draney

1986 D-Book page 45

School Spirit: Proschola, Davis Dart Mascot, Jalynn Jorgensen, Diana Green, Jackie Rowe