Davis High School Fight Song

Dear Old Davis High School
We’ll stand for you.
We’ll fight for Davis.
We’re up to snuff,
We never, never, never bluff.

Against the Darts of Davis
None can progress.
Three cheers for Davis
Our DHS.

Against the Darts of Davis
None can progress.
Three cheers for Davis
Our DHS.

The Davis High School Fight Song played by the DHS Marching Band (class of 1990-something). Thanks to Brian Rothschild for contributing the recording.

Thanks to Megan Winborg for the picture of the fight song on the steps of the new Davis High School.

1985 Football Team

A Winning Tradition
“A great life experience.” — John McCleary

For the football players, fans and parents the 1985 season will be long remembered. It did not matter if the team won or lost, they had nothing of which to be ashamed.

Ten weeks before the season started the players began to get in shape. From the hot summer sun to the cool autumn months, the team worked. It was intense physical training which continued into the season six days week.

This season Davis dominated its opponents right from the start. Most of the life games ended with an easy victory for Davis. It was ironic and unfortunate that Weber was our opponent for the beginning and ending of the season. But, as one player stated, “we learned to deal with defeat.”

The coaches felt that all of the players were exceptional an d that everyone made important contributions. Seven of the team members were chosen to 1985 Lakeside Review All-Area football team.

Even if the team didn’t take state, it cannot be forgotten that they were first in region and second in state. They worked hard and accomplished their goals as a team.

Through it all there remained the loyal support of the community . Parents, friends and football fans alike crowded the stands each Friday night. The cheers pushed the team on and their accomplishments rallied the crowd even more. As the old saying goes, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.” In this sense, our football team emerged from the 1985 season victorious.

April Turneau (C)

1985 Football Players 1

Rusty Shomaker, Clay Singley, Curtis Stoddard, Gordon Strieff
David Wilkes, Greg Willard, Tom Winward, Brad Bowman
Mike Hamblin, Coach Bitner, Coach Cullimore, Coach Dickson
Coach Isom, Coach Robson, Coach Thompson, Kyle Knowles

1985 Football Players 2

Richard Waite, Robert Warden
Mike Gardner, Steve Hall
Coach Flint, Coach Gardner

Blake Hart Runs Again

Blake Hart slashing and dodging to reach the goal line. Hart did this many times.